Assistant/Associate Professor of Nanomechanical Sensors and Actuators

The Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering of the Delft University of Technology is looking for an Assistant/Associate Professor of Nanomechanical Sensors and Actuators. Depending on your experience, this position can be filled at a junior or senior level with possible growth to higher levels in the academic system (tenure track).

The vacant position is in the group Dynamics of Micro and Nanosystems, which is positioned at the forefront of the fields of Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS). In recent decades, MEMS has developed into a broad research field that is nurtured by fabrication technologies stemming from microelectronics. This has led to many applications, prominent examples being the different sensing elements used in portable devices like smart phones.

The position is aimed at taking the next step in miniaturisation, from MEMS to NEMS, by developing novel nanoscale fabrication methods and nanomaterials like graphene. Thus, the candidate will start a research line that is aimed both at scaling down current MEMS systems and creating novel functionalities based on nanodynamical systems.

As an Assistant/Associate Professor you will have the opportunity to:
• Develop a research line in the field of nanomechanical sensors and actuators.
• Conduct and supervise research projects in this field.
• Work on scientific and engineering challenges in close contact with both academic and industrial partners.
• Research innovative nanoscale device concepts for improved fundamental scientific understanding and for novel applications that improve our world.
• Teach general and specialist courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and inspire students through teaching as well as post-graduate supervision.
• Participate in acquisition of external research funding.
• Closely collaborate with our team and be an inspiring member of our staff.

A Tenure Track, a process leading up to a permanent appointment with the prospect of becoming an Associate or full Professor, offers young, talented academics a clear and attractive career path. During the Tenure Track, you will have the opportunity to develop into an internationally acknowledged and recognised academic. We offer a structured career and personal development programme designed to offer individual academics as much support as possible. For more information about the Tenure Track and the personal development programme, please visit